escorts in London ask what it takes to be a great companion

Being a journalist for a long time is great, knowing and writing stories about people becomes my habit. I love my career ever since perhaps I pick this kind of job because writing is my hobby. I love to interact with people, knowing about their lives, and feature them to my blog. I want these people to outshine; they deserve to be in public eye. My blog is about a strong independent woman, who raise and uplift themselves. We all know that a woman has been known as a weak, and emotional creature. Sometimes called only a follower of the man and can’t stand to themselves.


And as a man who believe that woman is incredible, I promote a happy and strong woman to my blog. I wanted it to see to the whole world and gave strength to those women who doubt themselves and their abilities to do so. One of the most viewed and read the article I made is when I wrote about escort in London. I always wanted to have a face to face interview with an escort in London since they are famous across the country, and some article I read about them was about positive and happy. I think it would be great to know they beyond an escort in London who makes their clients satisfied. I knew that their stories could be a great help to many women who have been in lots of struggles in life.


We only knew about a bit with an escort in London in the news and article we read. Even here in Australia, people would travel across to London to meet and book an escort personally in London. Out of curiosity and my eagerness to book an escort in London, I prepared myself for a week vacation to London. I pack all my things and ready myself for an exciting trip.


I am also mesmerized by the place since it is my first time being in London. I cherish every minute of my stay, goofing around the place and have a great time. I also did go to different restaurants, and all are amazing. Even the most known personality of London, Gordon Ramsay restaurant offers a fantastic and delicious cuisine. It is a coincidence when the two people behind me are not actually a couple. I can’t stop staring the woman he is with, I think he sees me on how I look to her companion, and he goes to my table and whispers to me that I should have booked myself an escort in London and stop staring his.


Well, I was a bit embarrassed but that makes me want to be with an escort in London. In the second day of staying, I can’t take it anymore not to book an escort in London. So, I called their agency and picked Katherine to be with me today. Katherine and I decided to meet in one place; I felt so nervous yet excited at the same time. I hope it would be a great day for us.


I fetch her to the place she told me; i am so amazed by her beauty, actually, it was jaw-dropping seeing her. Her red dress suits her entirely, her eyes are shimmering, her nose is pointed and her lips are kissable. She is charming that night, and we went to a relaxing and peaceful place. At first, we introduce each other and tell my agenda to her. I am so glad that she accept my interview. She is open to all of my questions and willing to share her part. She told me everything as an escort in London, it did help her financially, and she loves her work so much. I ask her “what it takes to be a great companion,” and her response was “just be natural, and not pretend to be anyone else. When I am with a client, I wanted us to be ourselves. I wish pure happiness, and not to waste the day. I gave them the best as I can, and learn some jokes to make my partner laugh. And I think, me as a client, could testify that being with an escort tin London is a great one. All the things I heard her personally are fact.